Hydration: Why it matters to your business

- By Stuart Shaw

Dehydration is more common than you might think. Far too many of us simply don’t realise we are getting dehydrated. Part of the problem is that, for many people, water just is not considered a vital part of daily fluid intake. They presume they are getting enough through their consumption of tea, coffee, and sugary, calorie-laden drinks, but this isn’t always enough to keep us fully hydrated – and is making our obesity crisis worse

Does hydration really matter that much?

Well, the effects of dehydration can cause a whole range of issues to individuals that can impact their workflow and productivity and even lead to longer-term illness and absence…

• Lack of concentration
• Headaches
• Tiredness
• Kidney infections and stones
• Constipation and stomach pain

Practical office solutions

You can’t force your employees to drink more –but you can make it easier for them to stay hydrated.

Make water more accessible
Place water jugs or coolers in prominent positions where employees can just grab a cup in passing. If you want to make it even more tempting then you could provide lemons and limes alongside the water, to add a touch of flavour and vitamin C.

Let them know about the benefits
Staying hydrated can have numerous personal benefits (see factsheet) to your staff that they may not even realise. Making sure that they are aware of these benefits could help improve hydration levels, and will let your staff know that you care about their health and wellbeing too.

Water bottles
Often, just having a water bottle on their desk can help your employees to drink more. Investing in reusable water bottles for your staff could therefore make it much easier for them to stay hydrated without needing to head to the water cooler every time they want a drink.

Make unhealthy options less accessible
For some people, part of the reason they don’t tend to drink much water is because other, flavoured drinks are simply more tempting – particularly when it comes to vending machines. So what can you do? Try making water more prominent than fizzy drinks – or simply get rid of the fizzy stuff altogether and offer only hydrating, healthy options.

Use these tips to help your employees increase their hydration levels – and your business will reap the rewards!

Share the facts

We’ve put together a Hydration fact sheet (see link below) that shows exactly how much water we need to stay hydrated, how to know if you’re dehydrated, and the personal benefits that hydration can have.

Simply print this off, or save and share with your employees, so that they can take the necessary steps to ensuring they stay healthy and hydrated.

Download PDF